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Big farmland bird count

Calling all farmers and land managers. The Big Farmland Bird Count is back and everyone can play their part in collecting data regarding the birds that visit our land.

The project helps to get a clear picture about which birds are benefiting  from conservation action and which species need help.

The annual count is run by the Game and Wildlife Conservation trust and is scheduled to take place from 4-20 February.

With more species being added to the RSPB red list, (those birds at risk of extinction) including Greenfinch, Swift, House Martin, Purple Sandpiper and Montagu’s Harrier, this sort of data collection is invaluable to organisations trying to find ways to reverse the decline.

In total 70 species are on the red list – up from 67 last year.

The NFU sponsors the Big Farmland Bird Count; something it has done for the past four years. The Count itself has been running for seven years and it highlights the willingness of farmers and landowners to get involved in conservation of species.

Approximately 2,500 counts were returned last year, covering 2.5 million acres of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To get involved, download a count sheet from the Big Farmland Bird Count website and then schedule 30 minutes to spend counting the birds that you see in that time. A guide to accurate counting is available on the GWCT website.