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Cabbage is king in Lincs

There are plans afoot to turn the humble cabbage into a highly nutritious food source.

Naylor’s Farms, a Lincolnshire cabbage grower – one of the largest cabbage growers in Europe – is seeking permission to build an agricultural processing facility to turn cabbage into a highly nutritious source of protein.

A cold extraction process will turn cabbage into both a nutritious foodstuff but also a valuable product.

Naylor’s currently produce 2,000 tonnes of whole cabbage a week, including leaf and trimmings. Under the new process, every part of the cabbage would be utilised.

With the plant-based market estimated to be worth $74.2bn within the next five years, these are exciting times for Naylor’s.

Quoted in news website, Simon Naylor, CEO of Naylor Nutrition says: “The world has a growing requirement and desire for quality, sustainable plant-based food and to deliver this, we will need to grow crops that have positive functional benefits but without the negative environmental impact that soy, for example, has.

“Cabbage on the other hand, is fully traceable from field to consumer, sustainable and relatively simple to grow with a high yield.”

If Naylor’s are able to press ahead with their facility in Spalding, it is estimated 150 new jobs will be created.