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First Mountain Bongo calf arrives at Watatunga

The team at Watatunga Nature Reserve, which featured on Episode 33 of the podcast, was ecstatic to report on the birth of the first Mountain Bongo calf to be born on the reserve.

With only approximately 100 of the species left living in their natural habitat in Kenya, the birth of the calf is great news for the future of the antelope.

The nature reserve, which is five miles outside King’s Lynn, is committed to preserving many different species of antelope from around the world. Continued conservation work is going on in collaboration with wildlife groups and universities across the world and this piece of news is a feather in the cap for Ed Pope and his fellow conservationist-directors.

Reserve warden Jono Usher-Smith, who spoke on the podcast, said: “The Mountain Bongo is a critically endangered species, found naturally in the Kenyan Highlands but facing extinction. It is a beautiful animal, but very shy. It has a reddish coat and white and yellow markings. This little calf is just a bundle of joy for us in so many ways.

“Programmes that we run here, in partnership with other organisations, are vital to the breed’s survival. our aim is to establish a strong breeding programme and then look to reintroduce the animals back into their natural habitat.”

The Watatunga Nature reserve also provides opportunities for the public to visit and see the animals living in a wild habitat. Guided trailer and buggy tours can be booked, email for further information or visit the website.