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Good news for OSR farmers

After two seasons of weather, pest and disease problems  notably Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle – it is finally good news for farmers who have been brave enough to stick to growing oil seed rape.

Yields have been better than the five-year average and prices are at an all-time high, with farmers currently receiving more than £500 per ton.

This will undoubtably mean a return to greater levels of acreage being sown with the crop for 2022 as farmers’ confidence in the crop is restored.

The threat of the CSFB remains however. ADAS spokesman Dr Steve Ellis, speaking at the end of August, said reports suggested activity by the CSFB were relatively low but warned that we are moving towards the high risk sowing window, with the migration of the beetle starting late August and peaking in mid-September.

Crops that emerge in early September are most at risk. Ellis advises that late drillings from September onwards can be at lower risk from adult CSFB if the migration has started to decline.

Photo credit: Photo by Teigan Rodgeron Unsplash