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Lib Dems call for farming support package

As the Liberal Democrats staged a mini recovery on the political scene during the recent local council elections, winning 220 seats across England, Wales and Scotland.

Reflecting the fact that many of these seats were in rural communities, the party has called for a new support package for farmers.

In the face of increasing pressure on farmers that range from the cost of inputs to concerns over government policies, the Lib Dems have laid out some ideas for strengthening the farming sector.

These include giving MPs a vote and final say on any free trade agreements; an emergency tax cut to address the cost of living; and rethinking the payment system to farmers.

Tim Farron, the party’s spokesperson for rural affairs, said rural communities were ‘fed up with being taken for granted’.

‘Boris Johnson must use the Queen’s Speech as an opportunity to tackle the pressing issues facing rural communities up and down the country.

‘Farmers don’t deserve to be undercut by damaging new trade deals and the slashing of farm payments.’

Former NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts, a former guest on the Farming Social Hub, has joined the Lib Dems as a farming adviser to help push the party’s agricultural policy.