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Meaty message delivered to millions

A concerted fightback against the vegan lobby and anti-meat crusaders has led to a multi-media campaign that has been received by 143 million people.

The collaborative campaign by AHDB, Beef and Lamb New Zealand, Bord Bia, Danish Crown and Livestock and Meat Commission Northern Ireland has been publishing informative and balanced messages about the health benefits of red meat to the human diet.

The messages, which have built on the ADHB’s ‘Eat Balanced’ campaign from earlier in the year, have been pushed out via newspaper articles, online material and radio shows and podcasts. Leading the charge has been UK-based national publications such as the Guardian, the Sun and the Daily Mirror.

Calling on the advice of people such as GP Dr Gill Jenkins and Professor Robert Pickford, the organisations behind the campaign say they have sought to offer balanced, factually correct information.

In a joint statement, the various organisations said: ‘We are aware there is a lot of misleading information available to people and, with current science and research offering multiple and often conflicting viewpoints, it can be really confusing for consumers. This work aims to provide factual information and cut through the noise.’


Image courtesy: Kyle Mackieon Unsplash