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Straight talking by FDSC

It’s just the advice that many farmers could probably do without right now, but it’s message that is both crucial and correct, if ill-timed.

The Food and Drink Sector Council (FDSC) has released aits report Feeding the Future: working together to build the National Food Strategy, with its ideas contributing towards the Government’s new National Food Strategy, due to be published next year.

Among the recommendations contained within the report is the message that the industry needs to control emissions and supply healthy food.

in a sentence that will resonate particularly with pork and poultry farmers, it says that the agriculture and food sector also needs to invest in skilled labour and take measures to mitigate against system shocks – such as the country is facing now with labour shortages and a hike in energy prices.

The FDSC adds: ‘It is vital that industry and Government work together to address the immediate problems in the food supply chain. But they should also accelerate the transition to a more productive and sustainable food system, for the future’.

Among the measures the FDSC calls for are: a campaign to showcase careers in the sector; replacing the current apprenticeship levy with a comprehensive skills levy, a greater emphasis on STEM subjects and food in the curriculum; a doubling of investment into research and innovation; and support for small and medium sized businesses to allow for greater innovation.

Pic credit: Photo by Marisol Benitez on Unsplash