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The app that has taken the world by storm

It’s the app that every farmer and farm worker should have on their phone. It’s the app every delivery driver should use as they go about their daily deliveries. It’s even an essential app for walkers, ramblers, bird-watchers, horse-riders, cyclists and runners. 

What3Words is taking the world by storm, or at least it is dividing the world into easily located squares.

The concept of What3Words is breathtaking in both scale and simplicity. The world is divided into a trillion three metre squared segments, each with a unique three word code. 

This means that anyone using the app to help others find a location can pinpoint where that location is to a three metre square.

For farming that is useful in a myriad of ways. Imagine the delivery van seeking a field to deliver a shipment of seed. No more lost time as a van goes to the wrong part of the farm, or the wrong farm altogether, using What3Words, the van driver can be directed to the exact field.

For the lone worker, being able to accurately describe their location could be the difference between an injury and a fatality. Elizabeth Creed, an independent agricultural health and safety adviser and the founder of FarmSafetyHour recounts how one farm worker had knocked his head badly on a piece of equipment but was able to call for help before he lost consciousness. Being able to direct the medical crew to his exact location saved crucial minutes.

The app can also be used to identify the location of power cables that may be a danger to tipping trailers, allowing the farmer to plan an alternative loading and unloading area. It can be used to direct a vet to the correct field at the height of the calving season, leaving the farmer free to help his or her animals rather than waiting at the main gate.

Some grain companies now insist on a What3Words location as it saves their drivers hours of time that used to be spent looking for a particular field.

But mainly, it is about safety. By pinpointing exactly where an accident has happened, emergency services can respond quickly and, as everyone knows, when it comes to emergencies speed is of the essence. 

The app is free to download – just visit to get started. 

For advice on heath and safety on the farm, contact Elizabeth Creed (details here).