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Wage hike to attract crop pickers

Crippling labour shortages have forced vegetable farmers into drastic action to save their crops. One Lincolnshire farm, TH Clements and Son, is offering people the chance to earn £30 per hour – or £240 a day – to pick broccoli and cabbage at their Boston-based business.

The family-owned farming business is promising all-year round crop picker roles will be paid up to £30 an hour, which is the equivalent of a £62,000 a year salary.

It comes as the growing labour crisis has resulted in empty shelves in supermarkets and, in some cases, food left on farms unable to be picked up or processed.

The food and farming industry sent a letter to Boris Johnson last week, asking him to urgently implement a Covid Recovery Visa to alleviate labour shortages. In a U-turn on its immigration policy, the government has announced it will add 5,500 poultry workers and 5,000 fuel tanker drivers to existing work visa schemes, although it also re-emphasised this is a short-term measure.

Picture credit: Photo by Lars Blankerson Unsplash