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World record holder misses out on double

Lincolnshire farmer Tim Lamyman has taken the world barley yield record with an impressive 14.2t/ha, beating the existing record of 13.8 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) that had been set in New Zealand. The record was achieved with a crop of two-row KWS Tardis, which had a head count for the crop of between 880 and 1550 heads/sq/m.

The crop was green until mid-July and Lamyman said it had been one of the cleanest two rows he had seen on his farm.

The Louth farmer had hoped for a wheat and barley double but his DSV Theodore Winter Wheat fell just shy of the world record. The crop delivered 15 t/ha but the record stands at 17.4t/ha, currently held by New Zealand farmer Eric Watson.

This is however, only the first field to be cut on the farm, so the world record may still be within Lamyman’s sights.

Picture credit: Photo by Clare Tallamyon Unsplash